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About Us

Thanks for stopping by Donut Booths! I'm Rez and that man right there is my husband Raf, and we are excited to share our story with you! Our journey began when we got married during our last semester of college, and shortly after graduating, we began working full-time in the same company together. Not only did we commit to being life partners, but we also realized we can be colleagues, too! After two years, we resigned from work and decided to travel the world for an extended period of time.

While overseas, I was wondering about the perfect business to start. We both wanted to be creative and build on our passions during our youth; however, many months of no luck led to a lack of motivation. I started to reminisce about our working days as both of us were unemployed at the time and my anxiety about our future seemed daunting. One day, I simply asked Raf what his favorite moment was while working together. The memory he shared was simple, yet profound because it was my favorite memory too.

It was the photo booth at our holiday party! Instantly, we both locked eyes and had a gut feeling that this was what we wanted to do. Raf's design and creative background and my people-person skills and bubbly personality seemed right up that alley. We had worked in the service industry for years and it was the perfect way to bring our strengths together for this venture of ours! We took baby steps at first, but suddenly we were engrossed by our drive like never before. After many restless nights and early mornings, Donut Booths finally came to its existence.

This passion project of ours is a representation of who we are as individuals. It is a manifestation of our relationship, hard work, and the simple intent to be the start of someone else's smile. We both love meeting people, interacting with all ages, and helping our clients bring their vision to life. We want to ensure that every event is full of lasting memories. 

Who wouldn't love a donut wall and photo booth for their event? But our services 'donut' stop there - we also provide flower walls, jalebi walls, and bagel walls too!

What more can you ask for?

 Contact us now! 

You DONUT want to miss out on this Photo Booth!

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