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How can I book?

In order to confirm on any booking, a retainer fee must be paid upon signing of our contract to reserve the date. Once the contract has been signed and the retainer fee is collected, we will submit the contract with our signature and provide you your invoice. To get started, fill out our Quote Form! A Donut Booths Representative will then reach out to you shortly after.

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is the retainer fee refundable?

Upon signing of the contract, the client agrees to submitting a non-refundable retainer fee. Requests for any date changes must be made at least 7 days prior to the original event date - weather changes must be made 24 hours in advance. Change is subject to photo booth availability and receipt of a new service contract. If there is no availability of the alternative date, the client shall forfeit the retainer fee and the event booking will be cancelled. If your event date was affected by COVID-19 in 2020, please contact us to learn the available options for your retainer fee and reserved date.

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How Much Space is Required for the Photo Booth?

For every event, we always ask for a minimum 10’ by 10’ footprint for our overall set up, including an 8’ height clearance for our backdrops. If you are working with a smaller space, please let us know in advance.

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When is set-up and break-down?

All packages will include our attendants needing access to the venue at least 1 hour before the event start time for set-up and 1 hour following the event for break-down. We arrive at least one hour early prior to guests arriving in order to set up all our equipment, we do not set up in the middle of any event. Both set-up and break-down are included in your order.

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Is a Donut Booths Attendant necessary?

All our Photo Booth packages will provide a Donut Booths attendant and yes it is necessary! While set up and breakdown is included before and after the session period, our on-site attendants are present during your event to make sure all operations and equipment runs smoothly, distribute photo prints, manage the line, and answer questions people may have about the photo booth. If your package includes the Guest Book Special, an additional booth attendant will be available during the event to provide guests support at the Guest Book Station. If you have a preference for having a female booth attendant for your girls-only events, please mention it to a Donut Booths Representative as that can be arranged.

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Why Get a Donut Wall for Your Photo Booth?

Photo Booths are the life of the party! But while many people traditionally opt for a curtain style or fabric tension backdrop for their photo booth, donut walls have recently become a great hit for many venues as it is a great way to incorporate a delicious treat into a fun, creative backdrop or display that guests can easily enjoy. 

Whether it be a wedding or reception, the cake is typically the most expensive dessert. The more guests, the more servings are required, which typically leads to a wedding cake costing between $400-$1500 depending on the intricacy of flavor, layering, and design.

Donut walls, on the other hand, offer multiple flavors of donuts and are an easier method of serving guests, while carrying your theme into a beautiful display of deliciousness which guests can easily grab and eat during or after taking photos at the photo booth! Not only is a donut wall cost effective, but it provides a more convenient approach to a mouth-watering treat without the hassle of cutting a tiered cake. 

No matter the event type, whether it be a corporate event, holiday party, a wedding, baby shower, you name it - Donut Booths will cater to your specifications. Vegan and gluten-free donut options are also available to fit dietary restrictions. Donut Booths offers several sizes of donut displays that can hold the donut count to your preference depending on the number of guests at your event. Donut Booths can coordinate your donut wall, donuts, and frosting with your event colors and theme, so you ‘donut’ want to miss out! 


Hire Donut Booths today to book a photo booth and donut wall for your event! 

Blue Backdrop

Can I use my own backdrop?

Yes, you are more than welcome to use your own backdrop! We have a selection of glare-free sequined and tension backdrops you can choose from which all of our packages include as a courtesy and do not affect your price rental. To enhance your Photo Booth Package with a Donut Wall or Flower Wall, please mention to a Donut Booths Representative. If you would like to provide your own backdrop, let a Donut Booths representative know, and we can give our feedback and recommendations on your choice of backdrop to ensure the highest quality photos. 

Photo Booth

Can Guests See Their Photos After They Take Them?

They can indeed! Images are visible within seconds of taking the photos on a digital touch screen display facing the guests. If for any reason guests are not ready while the Photo Booth takes photos, let the booth attendant know to 'Redo' the session. The 'Redo' Session will then print instead of the unprepared session's photos. After every event, all photos are uploaded to an online gallery immediately the next day. Every package includes the Online Gallery where you can purchase photo prints, however many you wish, including on objects such as a mug! How cool is that?


What should I do on my event day if I want to keep my booth longer than I originally scheduled and paid for?

We love to see our clients and their guests having a great time in the photo booth! We ask that our attendants be flexible with event end times for these circumstances. If you would like to extend your time, please consult with your attendant to confirm their availability, and we will invoice you for the additional hour(s) post event and before breakdown is complete.

Waiting Area

What Is 'idle time'?

Many events opt to have part of their photo booth time be counted as an “idle hour” — in other words, you don't need a live operational photo booth during a particular hour of your event. It's up to your discretion if you need an idle hour before or during the photo booth time. For example, if you would like to have the photo booth set up a couple hours prior to the event start time, you will need to include idle time. Feel free to pass on your detailed timeline itinerary to one of our Donut Booths Representative and they can help create the perfect photo booth outline for your event, including detailed pricing information. If the idle time is required during the event, such as "Bride and Groom Entrance", or "Bridal Shower Games", we will have a "Temporarily Closed" sign on our screen.  

Group Photo in Photo Booth

How does Donut Booths work? What is the guest experience like?

Our open-air photo booths allow you to simply step up and start taking photos! You will be directed by our helpful attendant through the photo booth process. If you have a donut wall for your event, guests are welcome to grab a donut before, during, or after taking photos! 

Blade of Grass

Can the photo booth be placed outside?

We suggest the booth be set up indoors if possible — however, we totally understand that sometimes this isn't the case! We have a few requirements to guarantee the highest quality photos and protection of our booth. Be sure to mention this information before confirming your booking if you plan to have your photo booth outside.

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Where do you provide your services?

Our focus is within New York City’s 5 boroughs, however depending on the hired service package, we also provide our services throughout some parts of the New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania area. Destination Fee that covers our gas, toll, and maintenance expenses is only charged for bookings over 100 miles round trip from JFK Airport. We would love to branch out our business someday throughout the United States, but for now, we can travel within these 4 states at most. 

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Why do you not provide pricing on your website?

Based on the number of guests, the destination of the venue, and type of requirements requested, prices will vary. Every event is unique and we want to ensure our clients receive the best photo experience that will match their specifications and budget. While we try to offer consistent and fair pricing to all our clients, reaching out to us will enable the Donut Booths team to get to know you and your vision, which will help us to tailor a quote specifically for your event!

Party Props

What props are provided for the booth?

Donut Booths always provide High Quality Props included with all of our packages. Our props include a selection of silly glasses, boa scarves, hats, masks, fun PVC signs, and so much more! We do our best to cater to your event but you are always welcome and encouraged to provide supplemental props for your theme! 

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